Monday, July 27, 2009

Natures Recipe

A little flower. Some river water. Add a few shivering leaves. Lacy ferns. Herbs are nice if you see them. Small mushrooms add zest, if not shriveled by sun. There should be no trouble finding fresh ingredients. And no cooking experience necessary. Leave your chef at home.

Oh, and it’s best not to include heat. No baking, please. High humidity causes this recipe to flop. If it’s done right, the sweetness factor pops a body awake. Clears the head. Makes words and dreams and memories rise.

Now put on sneakers. Stretch those crusty limbs. Dance first if you must.


One can eat this treat to high heaven without gaining an ounce. As a matter of fact, it’s possible to get quite fit with this luscious recipe. It will also take you places. Allow your mind to wander. Refresh your soul.

It’s called a walk.


  1. How gorgeous is that picture! The recipe's gorgeous too.

    I'm a lover of long walks and like to take them at dusk, when the sun is just starting to go down and the warm breeze rustles through the trees. Gorgeous.


  2. Thanks, Jai! It's been so hot here (around 99 degrees most days) and I'm having to take walks at night. But fall will be here one day soon and I can't wait!