Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ride This Train

As writers we ride many trains over the course of careers. As Deanna, from across the holler at The Life of a Working Writer Mommy can attest, sometimes we just need to switch it up and try something fresh. She never believed she was suited for fiction, but here she is, writing great fiction. Go, Deanna! We never know exactly what we can do or what we'll enjoy until we give it a shot. In writing there are so many different trains yet many times we end up taking the same one over and over, not knowing which might serve us better. And lets face it, learning something new can be exciting.

So...tomorrow I'm getting off the fictional novel train for four days and hopping on the screenwriting train. My oldest daughter, Candice, who writes screenplays, talked me into going to the Austin Film Festival where we'll be learning much about screenwriting during the adventure. At night we'll be screening some pretty cool independent films, starting off with Serious Moonlight, Cowtown Ballroom, Precious, The Ugly American and The Donner Party. Now I might skip the last one depending on what kind of mood I'm in.

Award winning filmmaker Ron Howard will be speaking about The art of Storytelling. Okay, I won't lie, I'm pumped about that. From what I understand he is a great guy, and certainly a talented producer. And who could forget him as the charming little Opie Taylor on the Andy Griffith Show? And then on to Richie Cunningham in the TV series Happy Days.

I'll be back around next week to share the adventure, but meanwhile, by all means, go take yourself a train ride!


  1. Wow! Sounds exciting! Enjoy the film festival...or perhaps you are reading this after having been there.

    I like your analogy about writing and "the train." I'm on the blogging train now and having fun. I'll get back to the book train eventually.

  2. Awesome! Can't wait.

    And I feel like I ride a rollercoaster more than a train these days. But it's all good.

  3. What an awesome experience! I wouldn't even know where to start screenwriting. Enjoy Ron Howard and can't wait to read your stories.

  4. Hi Anita,

    Sometimes it does feel like we're on a train. And lately this train has not let me off, but I am enjoying the ride!


    Ha, a rollercoaster. Yes, I've ridden that a time or two also. You should have been in Austin, Lydia. You would have loved it.


    I know nothing about screenwriting, but I met so many producers, writers, and directors. Also got to meet Ron Howard. Okay, time to blog!

  5. I'm looking forward to hearing about it. TV and movies have really influenced the way people read. I took it as a great compliment when someone once told me they remembered one of my stories as if it was a "short movie."

  6. As well you should, Yvette! Thanks and I'll post soon.

  7. Another writer once told me that when I'm thinking of doing something new with writing but am not sure I can do it, think "Why not?" The worst thing that could happen is you remain where you are; or it could eventually open up new doors that you didn't even know existed! Happy writing!