Friday, December 4, 2009

Ring Tone Winners

And we have some winners! First, thanks to EVERYONE for stopping by and guessing my new ring tone, which is, drum roll please....Ba, ba, boom- BABY IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!

Now I thought this might be a little tricky, but my fellow beautiful bloggers, Ronda, at Ronda's Wonderland and Elizabeth, at Ramblings On Life, have walked away easy and breezy with it. If you haven't checked out their delightful blogs, please do yourself a favor and stop in. I did try to add links here, but for some reason my links are not cooperating. Darn links! Maybe it's just me. Any advice here would be appreciated.

I also have another winner, G-Girl. You can find her in the new Writer's Digest Community, along with many other fab writers. If you haven't checked it out yet, stop in and sign up. It's a fun, informative place to be.

I enjoy and appreciate y'all so much. What a blessing it is that you take time out of your busy day to stop in and not only read but comment. You guys are the best!

Congratulations, winners! Please shoot me an email with your address to: and I'll get a little Christmas holly jolly in the mail.


  1. Ahhh, Dorraine. Thanks so much. I will send you my address but, you really don't need to send anyting. It is not expected. It was fun and I really did have to think about it for a while. I like brain teasers.

    I like coming here, too. It is fun and I always learn something. Like when I Googled the lyrics to Baby It's Cold Outside. Those lyrics are smokin' hot! I always sang a long to the parts I could remember but seeing them in print? Yowza! Have you read them?

  2. Well, of course I need to send you something! That's the fun part, Ronda.

    Glad to have you around these parts. I do enjoy you as well as my fellow bloggers.

    Now why do you think I picked that song? The old crooner himself Dean Martin can make those lyrics sizzle. Not that he needs to. They pop right nice on their own. Now when my phone rings I instantly want to stop, drop and drink! Gee, maybe I'd better change it again.:)

  3. Well, I missed the contest, but I laughed out loud at your little story about calling your daughter while she was upstairs in bed. Hee-hee!

  4. Well, where the heck were you, Yvette? Sorry you missed it.

    Ha, yes, I'm afraid there are many more stories where that one came from. We're talking years worth!

  5. How lovely. Congrats on winning, girls!


  6. I always sang a long to the parts I could remember but seeing them in print? Yowza! Have you read them?

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