Monday, December 28, 2009

Snow Stars

Now that Christmas is a memory and a new year is sneaking in, I wanted to say hello to my favorite internet friends and wish you only the best for 2010. Dream big and don’t let the world snatch them. Like snowflakes in south Texas, your dreams and wishes are rare and beautiful, something to be honored and cherished. Whatever they are, hang onto them no matter the odds. We’ve heard about the stinking odds, a million times over. But I’ve never been one to listen and I hope you don’t either. I’m rooting for each and every one of you this year. Hang on tight to your dreams. It’s going to be a lush ride!

Speaking of snowflakes, we recently had some in south Texas, which made many smiles appear. My daughter Grace and I ran outside and twirled in the stuff like crazy white women. When we ran out of breath we pulled chairs together and let the snow powder our hair white. I’ve lived in Texas for twenty-two years and have only seen this amazing sight twice before. In honor of that special day, and our dreams, I wanted to share a poem I wrote.

Snow Stars

One day in south Texas snow came
Like silvery white stars, aching to fall,
On conifer branches and girls twirling,
Dark hair frosted white, the aroma of wintergreen,
Down from heavenly places

Slipped quietly through the sky,
Flakes bursting and descending,
Shimmering on rooftops, glittery, glittery snow,
Like silvery white stars.


  1. Lovely. I think my favourite bit is "Flakes bursting". What an image.

    I'm sorry to have missed the snow in Texas. It's so rare.


  2. Guess whose book was under the Christmas tree? Yours! I've just started it and am loving it so far! We get plenty of snow in Indiana, but it's nice to be reminded to enjoy it. :) Happy Holidays to you!

  3. Hi, Jai, and thank you! I'm sorry you missed the snow as well, but there will be another rare opportunity, I'm sure.

    I'm sorry I'm so far behind on reading blogs, but plan to get caught up tomorrow. Be blessed.:)

  4. Oh, how sweet, Stacy! Thank you so much and I do hope you enjoy it. Would love to know what you think when you are finished. Hope you're having a cozy day by a fire. May your new year dreams come true.

  5. Such a treat I find here to day! Your post is full of lush wishes and wisdom of pushing beyond negativity. And you got a huge guffaw at "...twirled in the stuff like crazy white women."

    This is my favorite part of your poem:

    "On conifer branches and girls twirling,
    Dark hair frosted white, the aroma of wintergreen,"

    Blessed be.

  6. Oh, I would have loved to have seen you and your daughter playing in the snow! I'll bet all your cares and worries disappeared during that time together. :)

    Thank you for your very special well wishes for the new year! It means a lot to have someone caring about the dreams of others.

    Beautiful poem!

  7. Hi Ronda! What a treat you've all given me today for my birthday! Thank you so much for dropping words of kindness. Glad you liked the "crazy white women." It really does sum us up over here. But we are lots of fun!

    Actually, Grace's hair is dark and it was quite frosted with snow. One of those moments within a moment that took my breath away.

    I'm blessing you too and receiving your blessing as well. Thank you.

  8. Well, Anita, I did forget about everything that day. In the moment, that's how I'm trying to live. Thank you re: the poem. I thought of making it longer but the essence of the moment was caught in the few sentences.

    And do keep dreaming. This is a big ole world. I've never known it to be stingy, although a bit slow at times.

  9. Dorraine,

    You always have beautiful photos. I admire those snow stars. They are just gorgeous. I look forward to seeing more of your photos and blogs in 2010.

    Happy New Year!

  10. One of my favorite parts of doing a blog is finding really cool photo's! The other favorite part is writing the darn things and hearing from wise people like Keiko!

    New Year Happiness!

  11. Dorraine, sounds like a beautiful gift from God. The snow that is,...and the opportunity to share it with your daughter....Well,...I bet that memory will be passed on for generations to come :)

  12. Thank you, Jennifer! It was just that. The sweetest of memories. :-)

  13. Happy New Year, Dorraine, and thanks for sharing your poem. I get as much snow as I can stand up here, but it makes me smile to think of other people enjoying it so much.

  14. New year joy to you also, Yvette! And thank you. You are in a winter wonderland. In these parts snow is so sparse it does inspire poetry.:)

  15. It was your birthday? Zippity Do Dorraine! Many more candles to you!

  16. Oh, the candles! That great patch of fire. I do love birthday's though. Even my own. Thanks for the extra zip, Ronda!!