Monday, August 16, 2010

Classic Vinyl

“Are you telling me those albums I sold for practically nothing at a garage sale several years back are now worth something? Dang, I knew I should have hung onto those.” This was a recent conversation I had with a dear friend.

Now I’m remembering everything I let go. Let’s see, I had the Doors. Remember the line from Break on Through? "I found an island in your arms, a country in your eyes." Words stuffed like emotional crème puffs.

There was also Journey, and Pink Floyd, The Who, Stones, Eagles, Moody Blues and Led Zeppelin. Yes, I sold them all. I even threw in comedian Steve Martin’s album, Comedy is not Pretty. Someone pried that one out my hands. I shared the laughs. And the weird thing is, Steve still looks almost exactly the same as when I saw him on stage all those years ago…ha!

These days I’m feeling a little like classic Vinyl myself. Can anyone relate? The kids are growing up and out, yet another daughter recently spread her wings and flew on over to California, and one a couple of weeks before that to Missouri. For the first time in twenty-three years, quiet time has erupted in my world like a volcano.

I’ve had five full days to myself, and after initially feeling like crap on a cracker, I decided to soak the tiredness out of my feet after two decades of running. For the past few days, I've slept in, and when I wake swing around in my chair, drinking coffee and watching cardinals at the bird feeder. I’ve scrubbed floors and dusted and put the house in order and it hasn’t moved! One day I rented fantastic chick flicks and watched them in mid-afternoon, while eating extravagant Chinese takeout. In the evenings I’ve written and began to understand how one can get lost in silence, the delicious rhythm and rhyme of it. By day three, quiet slipped on me like a new dress.

Now I’m ready for noise again: family, friends, a little dirt, clutter, the messy business of life.

I miss my children like crazy, but knew full well they would grow up one day. I’m excited for their new adventures and excited for mine, too. I'm happy to still have a sweet, colorful bird in the nest for the time being.

Life is a continuous journey of change. We must learn to connect new dots, to reinvent ourselves.

Classics are superb at this!


  1. Dorraine,

    I love Steve Martin and King Tut. I used to watch Saturday Night Live in those days. Have you seen “All of Me”? It was hilarious. I guess I watched all the movies he appeared in, even not so good one. Just thinking about one of his scenes makes me smile. I also read his memoir. It was good. The book gave me better understanding of his art and craft.

    So, your daughters are grown and took off to their new adventure. That means you’ve done the excellent job! Now, you can write more novels, watch more movies, join more groups of people, and write more blogs about your new adventure!

  2. When I think of what I gave away when I had to move! GAAAAAH! I did manage to keep a handful of the rarer ones tho' ;)

    Helping to raise everyone else's kids, I'm still left with a similar feeling. I've been in some "quiet time" for a couple of weeks, so I can somewhat relate here...

  3. They do say "as quiet as the grave". Fine for a time, but give me the messy side of life - at least to go back to.

  4. Keiko, yes, I've seen all of Steve Martin's movies! He is one silly dude. I miss Saturday Night Live back in the day when they had all the truly funny characters on: Gilda Radner as Rosanne Rosannadanna, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. Remember the Blues Brothers? Great stuff!

    Thanks, I hope I have done my job well. As long as they're happy. That's what matters most to me. :-)

  5. Subby, at least you've kept some. The old turntables are back in with the younger generation. Hang onto those.

    Enjoy your quiet time!

  6. Hi Dave, I agree. Give me the messy side of life any day. But for now, I'll take the quiet when I can get it.

  7. They say " Life is a journey not a destination". Your addition "a journey of change" sounds even better.
    Indeed we have to learn to adapt ourselves to the changes occuring in our life such as children leaving the nest, and to the sound of silence which could be quite a sweet sound.

  8. You are so wise, Duta. :-) Thanks so much!

  9. It is in silences that some noises make eminent sense.

  10. Very true, Anil. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your insightful words. :-)

  11. You sound like you're getting some well earned time to yourself! Good for you, although I understand how you're missing your kids.

    I hope everything goes well for the ones that have moved away.


  12. Thank you, sweet Jai! Your well wishes mean so much.

  13. oh it is a journey and you read a bit of mine yesterday...all the changes...still have some of my vinyl but nothing to play it on...hmm...

  14. Yeah, we might as well attempt to excel at change. It certainly gives us tons of practice!

    And the beat goes on.

  15. Drainy, it's hard to make a pie for just two. You'll find your new flow...I just know it! In the meantime, hang in there. Change is in the wind, and it won't be long before the house will be full again. Good music soothes the soul, no?

  16. Well,truth is, I need to stay away from pies, if ya know what I mean bean!

    Music is always good for the soul. And I'm looking forward to that full house again, but meanwhile, I'll embrace this time in my life. Thanks, Stacy!