Monday, October 25, 2010

Rose and Blackbird

When winter laughs at her icy secrets,
and blows her ragged skirt,
Rose, once adorned in red velvet,
whispers, “I was a queen.”

Winter howls and her branches droop.
But blackbird arrives, festive as ever,
his shiny black cloak,
smoldering up her cold limbs.

He sings of spring; spicy orchards bursting into bloom,
and bees murmuring while sipping nectar.
He plays his flute like a gentleman.
“I know you, Rose,” he trills.
“You are lovely and delicate.
Ignore crackly old winter.”

Rose weeps at blackbirds melody,
there through sunlight and shadow,
in velvet and rags,
he adoring them equally.

As he plays for her, snow tiptoes down,
coloring him white.


  1. I love how you give personalities to the different things in nature and in turn show the connections and relationships those things have with each other. Just beautiful, Dorraine.


  2. Thanks, Jai! I love the way words can stitch feelings together. In poetry, colorful threads can be woven all different ways, and yet we come out with something unique.

  3. Dorraine, this poem is stunning! It's so easy to visualize. It has a fairy tale/picture book quality to it...lovely! I'm haunted by the rose's statement, "I was a queen."

  4. Thanks so much, Stacy! It is surprising how easily we can all forget who we really are at times. How worthy we are to wear velvet. That's what I was trying to convey.:-)

  5. animated words.
    what a fun read.

  6. Thanks for the Jingle, Jingle!!

  7. Winter is sad for some (rose); joyful for others (blackbird).
    Blackbird in your sweet poem is a real gentleman trying to comfort the rose with nice words and a song of Spring. I like him. I would expect this kind of attitude from people in real life. People should not be indifferent to the feelings of others ; they should care ,comfort and help if neccessary.

  8. Loved the way you broke this down, Duta. You have a real gift for seeing through the window of poetry. Sweet words.:-)

  9. I have to agree with Stacey. It does have a fairy tale character. Well done.

  10. The images you created were perfect, Dorraine! Winter-cold-death-blackbird is part of the life cycle, and the acceptance of that helps Spring-warmth-life-rose arise again.

  11. Great to see you, Luciana! I've missed you. Thanks for the beautiful comment.

  12. I've read this a few times Dorraine, and it never fails to bring those warm fuzzy feelings. You are such a wonderful poet.