Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hawaii Writer's Retreat

I'm wishing everyone a productive writing, photography, cooking, whatever makes you happy kind of week ahead. If it involves passion then you're on the right track.

I'll be back, blogging again in around seven days. Meanwhile I'll be in Hawaii, at a six day writing retreat, learning, growing, and relaxing on the beach with hibiscus in my hair. Oh, and hopefully I'll work in a hula or two since it is the official Hawaiian dance.

There will be plenty to share and I'll bring as much information back as I can. Meanwhile take care of yourself and your writing!


  1. Sounds like heaven! Writing workshop in Hawaii, yes. Look forward to hearing about your trip.

  2. Thanks, Ronda! There will be plenty to share. Still cleaning, packing and piddling. As soon as I get on the plane I can finally relax.

  3. Have a great time, Dorraine! Sounds like heaven. Just when I'm feeling the itch to travel you start talking about a writing worshop in Hawaii. I'm so jealous!


  4. Hi Jai,

    Thank you. I so wish you could have been there! You would have loved it. I'm exhausted and I have so much information crammed in my mind that I can't wait to share. It was an amazing six days. If you can only go to one retreat this should be the one. Will share on the blog as soon as I get some sleep!