Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yo Sugar Dolls

This week I received some extra sparkle when Elizabeth from Ramblings offered me a Sugar Doll Award. Thank you for making me smile. I’ve never been referred to as a sugar doll but it does sound quite southern.

I’d like to offer this award up to fellow blogger, Yvette Ward-Horner at Essential Fiction. She adds a colorful punch to the writing and blogging world with her imaginative stories and those of fellow writers. You can find their blog links on my sidebar.

This sweet award has one condition. To accept, I must reveal ten things about muah that you may not know. Now I feel a bit shy. Okay, the wildflower is wandering away from the punchbowl. Oh, here she comes. Please bare with me.

Really, since I’m giving you ten, might you give me one? Just one lovely little thing about yourself in the comments. That’s fair, don’t you think? I’d really love to know more about each of you.

Okay then. Ten things:

1. I have eight brothers and sisters and loved growing up in a boisterous family.

2. Munich, Germany was my birthplace. I’m an army brat.

3. When I was eight, I almost drowned in a creek.

4. People who litter really tick me off. It is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. That and those who think they’re more important than others because of a certain title. Everyone is unique and special.

5. I was trained to fight forest fires and use a chainsaw. I loved both. Buzzzz…

6. Quantum physics intrigues me to no end.

7. Ants and Sea Monkeys- as a kid, I was fascinated with both. This was back when Sea Monkeys actually looked like crazy minuscule monkeys and not amoebas. Can you say nerd?

8. My dream is to have a cabin in a minty forest. A horse to ride. Chickens, yes. A garden to tend. Not a store or mall in sight for miles. As you know, I’m already pretty well stocked up on shoes!

9. I’m a trained ballroom dancer. I went to an open audition and much to my surprise was one of four selected out of sixty. Many years ago I could dance a rumba, ChaCha, waltz, tango, foxtrot, etc… around the best of them. I taught couples, which meant I had to know both parts and switch them up lightening fast. I’m still not sure how I managed that. Please don’t ask me to do it now.

10. For many years now I’ve cut my own hair. I’m pretty sure I’ve saved enough money by now to take a sweet Caribbean cruise. I’m picturing myself on the open water with a chocolate martini in hand and wind in my hair. Bring it on.

Now to you, Sugar Dolls!


  1. Aw, Dorraine, thanks for passing the award on to me. That was so sweet of you. I'll have fun when I do my Saturday post, thinking up ten things to reveal. Now, am I supposed to pass the award on to someone else as well?

    One thing few people know about me is that I drink home-made redbush chai all day long :) I'll put the recipe on my blog on Saturday.

  2. Sugar Doll Dorraine,
    I like ten facts you revealed of you, best I loved is no 10. And yes,as you like to know some from us, I fell from 2nd floor window when I was three and survived without a single scratch.

  3. I'm excited by your being a trained ballroom dancer (9).

    I like to discover each time some new effective use of Water , such as getting rid of ants, for instance, but I rarely drink it. I drink soda water instead , from childhood. Despite what people think, it's healthy and prevents/helps indigestion.

  4. Congrats, Sugar! This award suits you perfectly. I am intrigued by quantum physics and nerdy things too. Just ask my friends, they once gave me a pocket protector with my name on it.

    I also read in Deanna's phobia post that we share the fear of sheer cliffs and I also can't wear anything high on my neck. My husband almost drowned in a creek when he was that age.

    Eerie parallels.

  5. You are very welcome, Yvette. I can't wait to hear your ten things.

    Redbush chai, yes, we'll need the recipe for that. I've had spicy chai but I get the feeling this is something more special. Especially if you make it yourself. I'm always looking for something new. :-)

  6. Jitu,

    Isn't it amazing that you're still alive and kicking! Thankfully for us, you are. You must have had an angel perched on your shoulder.

    Thanks for stopping by. Now I must figure out if I really have saved enough for that cruise. :-)

  7. Ha, Duta, it sounds like you like ants about as much as I do lizards. So, you experiment, do you? A true scientist. What have you come up with?

    As far as ants in the house, no, not a good thing. Outside is okay. I used to put tiny cake crumbs on their backs and see where and how far they carried them.

    Okay, I'm dancing away......

  8. Why thank you my twin Sugar Ronda! I'm not the least surprised that you're a cool nerd. But, oh, man, I've never had an inscribed pocket protector. That made me chuckle.

    Yeah, the eerie factor is there alright. I suspect there might be more similarities yet to come. Guess you and I driving through the mountains in turtlenecks is out of question? :-0

  9. Congrats on the sweet award! I love learning more about you. I'm not surprised by the dancing at all. The chickens fit too...somehow. Maybe it's your plucky personality? (Ballroom dancing chickens might make a fun children's book?) Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thank you, Stacy Sue! I'm glad somebody finds me interesting. Plucky chicken lovers are not always popular.

    Ballroom dancing chickens? Yeah, that's really cute. But first, please tell me something about you. I don't see anything.:-)

  11. Driving through the mountains in turtlenecks is DEFINITELY out of the question. I think I could make the drive itself but turtlenecks are not even an option. Hmmm, that's pretty freaky that I would rather travel through sheer cliffs that break thousands of feet away than wear those socks on my neck.

    Definitely sounds past life.

  12. Something strange about it all, yes. My three girls can't wear stuff like that either. I find that really odd since I'd bought them turtlenecks and was so excited for them to wear what I couldn't. All three would tug and cry until I removed them. I never mentioned my aversion to this until they were much older. What do you make of that?

  13. congrats on the award...i cut my own hair...and want to live in the forest...but i was not born in germany. for a second there i thought you were long lost family. lol.

  14. Well, you never know, re: related. And if you do get to live in the forest, your hair will always look snazzy.:-)

  15. I can tell you, you are no sugar doll!:)

    Congratulations on the award, you are sweet and you give out free ice creams. Who could be sweeter!:)

    I enjoyed getting to know you better Dorraine. One thing about me that I don't think people already know..I feel like I have revealed my soul at my blog, but let me try..a secret okay Dorraine, just between you and me..I can't swim. There I said it.

  16. Oh, Ocean Girl, you're a regular doll. Watch out when you're in the water, okay?