Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alice in Bloggerland

Since I’ve been in bloggerland, I’ve felt a little like Alice, falling down the rabbit hole and discovering Wonderland, although I might well be the Caterpillar. Oh, wait, the caterpillar was a male, who sat on his mushroom and liked to tell Alice how to grow and shrink. Remember his phrase: Whooo…are…you? Well, I do know who some of you are and I’m sure to meet many more delightful characters along the way. One never knows if they’ll discover the real Alice, the Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Tweedledee, the Cheshire Cat, March Hare or the true Caterpillar. Wait, I think I already know who he is but I ain't sayin'. I might have already found them all.

Thank you to all my lovely blogger friends, old, new, and yet to be discovered. Your friendships and expressive posts have kept me well informed and delighted. The tea parties around here are just fantastic!

Please allow me to thank some extra special friends for all the kindness and goodwill shown me regarding book reviews, author interviews, encouragement and fine friendships. You have kept my little world afloat and for that I thank you. I appreciate all of you so very much.

Let’s start with the Wonderland Queen herself, Ms. Ronda from Ronda's Wonderland.

Yes, there is such a mystical place in bloggerland! You never know what you’ll find over there but you can bet it will always be magical. I get curiouser and curiouser every time I visit. She is a delightful hostess who can spin words like silk. You might find her in a field of talking flowers, so you can't miss her.

Moving on down the rabbit hole we discover an Ultimate Cheapskate! Hey, what the heck is he doing down here? Well, he is quite a colorful character and we bloggers like to save money, don’t we? Jeff Yeager excels at this and can help you as well with his rich, humorous tips. You’ll laugh all the way to the bank. Please do yourself a favor and check out his website and book The Ultimate Cheapskate's Road Map To True Riches.

Oh, look who else I’ve discovered. Stacy Post from A Writer's Point of View at For some reason, her link would not post here. I'm sorry, sista Stacy. You know I did try. Anyhoo, she's got it going on. Her outlook on life is sweet, sometimes spicy and she's always cooking over there. She can flood your senses with descriptions of everyday smells, sights and sounds. Don’t miss the chance to be part of her sensational entourage. She's worth the Google. Or just look to the right on my sidebar. She's right there.

Here is another character I’ve been blessed to discover. Georganna Hancock at A Writer's Edge at There you'll find a treasure trove of wit and wisdom. She has more than enough to share with all. Geo is a true blue professional on all matters of publishing and writing. You won’t want to miss her posts, bursting with knowledge learned from years on the front lines. She has been an inspiration to myself and many, many others.

Now who is that wee lassie flinging out glorious posts as fast as one can shuffle a deck of playing cards? Oh, it’s Elizabeth, from Ramblings at .
You can bet she’ll keep you entertained and well informed with her unique spin on the world. There is always a burst of activity over there, fit for a queen or king. You will want to stop in for her fresh views on life and the way she weaves it.

We are now coming to the end of our journey and who should I meet but possibly Alice herself, all drenched with southern hospitality. In Deanna Schrayer's world, there is much to discover.
Over at The Life of a Working Writer Mommy at
She’ll not only keep you laughing and crying with her interesting appraisals of the world but also well fed with her mouth watering recipes, which usually have family stories attached. You can find the link to Deanna's Happy Accidents on her blog.

Meanwhile, long live bloggerland!

Thank you, Stacy, for the award! You made my day.


  1. It's a wonderful community, isn't it? A great parallel, Alice in Wonderland, full of lots of fun places and characters, most definitely. I'm off to check out your links ...

  2. Yes, it is, Joanne. Look, I met you! Really a great cast of characters who are quite fun to interact with. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the offering.

  3. Dorraine, I felt a bit like that at first..but then, when I saw what was beyond the looking glass..I just had to go exploring :)

  4. Hi Dorraine! Thanks for the recommandations. Ronda is indeed fabulous; Hope to enjoy the other two as well.
    Have a blessed Day!

  5. You're funny, Subby. Keep looking!

  6. You're most welcome, Duta. Do enjoy them all. It's Friday. Happy weekend!

  7. Dorraine, it's nice comparison with wonderland. I hope you will discover more and more wonders of life, humanity,joy and happiness in bloggerland.

  8. Such kind words, Jitu. Thank you. It seems they are hanging right there for the picking, as you so wonderfully stated on your last blog entry.

  9. that is the beauty of blogland...careful of the caterpillar...i know whats in the hooka. the tea is pretty nice though. smiles.

  10. Ha,yeah, I'll watch out for him, Brian!

  11. Thank you for those wonderful links.I haven't seen that movie yet but I love them both so much.Happy Valentine's Day to you!:)

  12. Holey Moley. I commented from my BBerry the other day and it surely looked like it went through but, Ackk, it's not here.

    Can't remember exactly what I wrote...I'm older now and I've slept since then. I'll start anew.

    Dorraine: thank you so much. This is such a fun post and very well done. I've read a few of the other bloggers and look forward to reading the others. I am so happy to have met you and YOU are a "wonder" in Bloggerland. Ahh, you know about me and those talking flowers, don't you? Well, there once was a time...

    Have a Happy Valentine's Day, my "wonder"ful friend.

    Love, r

  13. Hi Candie,

    You're welcome for the links. I hope you check them out. Thanks for the Valentine wishes. I hope yours was sweet as well.

    Hi Ronda,

    You have been a delightful edition to my world. I'm so happy to have discovered you. Love seeing different takes on the world and yours is bright and fresh. I hope your Valentine's day was as special as you are!

  14. OT but... You said about changing your blog look, in my post on the changing of blog looks going on now, post Valentine's Day.

    You only "need" to change your blog look, if you want to do so. I happen to love to keep a Minima Template [regular or Stretch for biggg pics] and thus can do lots of changing of my blog look. Minima Template is so simple that it allows lots of leeway with diff colors and etc.

    But it's fun for me. This doesn't mean it's fun, for all bloggers. :-)

  15. It is fun to be surprised when I visit different blogs and see something new. My laptop has been in the shop, so for now I'm a bit confined as to posting but I'll get it going again very soon. Thanks.

  16. I finally got to see a trailer for this...looks a bit morbid and dark but then, it would be Burton if it didn't, wot?

    And that #4 was from my old Navy boat...'twas the marker for torpedo tube #4...ahem...

  17. Knew it must have been significant, Subby. My dad was also in the Navy. And Army. I'm always thankful for those who have served our country. So, thank you!

    Yeah, the movie trailer does look a bit dark. I've just finished up a book on Lewis Carrol, and apparently he was going through a tough time when he wrote Alice in Wonderland. We will never know the circumstances because those years were removed from his diary by his family.