Monday, February 1, 2010

Spring Frills

Something thrilling will happen soon and it has to do with nature intoxicating us once again with her charms. Right now old man winter has his white woolly blanket thrown over landscape's bed but hang on tight and a fresh morning will soon arrive.

Covers will be flung back, the bed sun-warmed. And then, popping through a steamy mattress of soil will be vibrant pink and yellow ruffled tulips and perfumed roses and multi-colored fields shrieking with evening primrose and baby blue-eyes. Our gardens will yawn first, and then shout with bullet shaped blue bonnets and crimson clover, like bright red tubes of lipstick. The days will lengthen; night caught short, the pungent smell of roots, new leaves and lavender exploding in air.

Prepare to feast your eyes on purple fhlox and red frilly poppies and lavender colored larkspur tightly packed around stems. And those mischievous robins will be back, too, excavating backyard worms in the midst of Indian paintbrush and rain lilies which open slowly at dusk to appear in full flower the next morning. Oh, and butter yellow corn flowers, we can’t forget those loud ones, butterflies swooping around them like in air ballerinas’.

We will emerge,too, from dark winter houses, blinking and rubbing our eyes in sheer wonder at the rich, staggering beauty, scent and color surrounding us.

Here in Texas we also have many trees which riot with color and scent. Mountain Laurel, whose grape fragrance could rejuvenate a zombie and creamy tulip magnolia’s, which remind me of generous scoops of vanilla ice cream. Lest we forget ornamental pear, exotic in lace, their lusty scent driving bees and butterflies wild.

Yes, spring will arrive. Sooner in south Texas, but even in colder climates it will come. Release your grip on the white quilt and keep an eye out. You can’t miss the lacy bows and hot pink tights.

Speaking of hot pink tights, my colorful blogger friend, Ronda at rondaswonderland mentioned the 5th Annual Cyberspace Poetry Slam on her latest blog entry. She has a hothouse of ideas over there, so please pop in and say hello if you have a chance. I hope some poetry finds you as well. Here’s a wee one of mine to share.

Flower Pageant

There is a garden I know
Where opulent flowers grow
And birds rally there, lizards, too,
Perch on hems of daisy’s, that’s what they do.

They laud flowers modeling exquisite dresses,
Roses in hot pink, passion flowers red tresses,
But when it’s time to choose a winner,
Birds fly home for dinner.

The lizards with bubblegum pouches,
Linger on verbena couches,
Puzzled at what to do,
Knowing they must say who.

Flower girls hold heads tall,
Daisy, Rose and Poppy, all dolls,
In closing throw a celebration ball,
For a flower pageant has no stiff laws.


  1. Okay, Mother Nature played a trick on me the other day. Two fat robins were in my backyard, in the heart of winter in New England? I had to do a double take, and it was true. They seem long gone now, but I guess I was lucky enough to see that beautiful Spring preview.

  2. Dorraine: This is an exquisite post. Your prose, alone, was perfectly inspired for the celebration of Candlemas but the addition of the poem? BAM! You turned it up a notch. I am lost in a sea of colors, scents and longing for spring while softly cuddled in my poofy quilt. I adore this!

    Hey! YOU LINKED! Yes! Great job! I checked it out and it works perfectly. It's 11:54 and Part 2 will post at midnight.

  3. Oh, wow, Joanne. What a treat to see robins this time of year. I'm so glad you got to. See, hang on. Spring is coming soon!

  4. Hi Ronda. Thanks, m'dear. Your post was lavish,too. One can never have too much early spring.

    Yes, the links, the links! There was one tiny thing I'd been doing wrong. Silly links. :-)

  5. Dorraine, I love the picture! I've been feeling so color deprived and your picture and writing have lifted my spirits again. Thank you! I can't wait for spring. Hurry up and get here already. :)

  6. Well, good then, Stacy! Glad to be of help in the color and good cheer department.:-)

    Thanks for the smile.

  7. Great post, great picture!
    There's much Hope and vivid Imagery ,in this post - all relating to the Spring season.

    Soon, Spring will come and we'll "emerge too from dark winter houses..." to wonder at the flowers and trees that cover the earth, and the scents that fill the air.

    Your prose is no less poetry than the additional poem. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  8. Wow the picture is great. And I like reading your post. It has that dreamy feeling.

    My son came in the room last night asking me about why people are consulting with the groundhog expert. I had no idea what he was talking about. The groundhog I knew was the movie. My son said, winter will end when winter ends. Easy for him to say:)

  9. Thank you, Duta, both for your comment here and the lovely offering on the interview. You are very sweet and I'm glad to have found you.

  10. Hi Ocean Girl. Every time I see you around, I want to visit a tropical island! Talk about dreamy.

    Your son is very wise.

  11. UGH!!! That was torture!!! OH,...NOT your post :) Your post is incredible,...Your painting the upcoming spring put me in a trance. The fact that the stinkin rodent groundhog saw his shadow this morning is what makes the whole idea of spring sheer torture! Sigh,...I guess I'll just close my eyes & think of your words..... :)

  12. Ah, forget the groudhog. Keep your eyes on spring!

  13. that's a tremendous post, from the amazing image to your outstanding text to the lovely poem. Brilliant!

  14. Aaaah, that certainly got me in the mood! :)

  15. Beautiful post and wonderful picture Dorraine.
    Thanks for poem. I like it.

  16. Dave: Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Christina: Sometimes all we need is a pretty picture to get us going.

    Jitu: Great to see you back around. Appreciate your comments.

  17. Forget the yellow brick road, that picture is stunning!

    Spring time in Texas is always gorgeous. And I'll be back just in time to see it. Yay!

    I loved your description of the scent of magnolias as like scoops of vanilla ice cream. It made my mouth water!


  18. What a delicious Ode to the coming of Spring!!!

    Thank you for commenting in my blog, and thus, I could find yours. Comments rock! :-)

  19. Haha, Dorraine, the picture is nice - but I liked your explorations and the poem! :D

  20. Oh. Uhmmm... Did you take that photo? It IS very nice, too! :-o

  21. Jai: I know you don't want to miss spring in Texas. The wildflowers are stunning. Last year I brought in some magnolia blooms and scent and appearance reminded me of vanilla ice cream. Thanks!

    Hi Auntie Amelia: Thanks and great to see you! It's always fun finding new peeps who have splendid things to write about.

    Christina: Appreciate your comments. As for the picture, no, I didn't take it but I have been along some back country Texas roads that looked about like that.

  22. 你怎麼能經過一片海,而忘記它的藍?.........................